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❥One of the surprising parts of GBWhatsApp new version is that users can customise the theme, chat background and even change the colour of the navigation bar. As I mentioned above, GBWA supports dual/multiple accounts for whatever reason you need multiple accounts. To facilitate access to multiple accounts, GBWhatsApp also offers you a variety of languages, Spanish, English and Chinese, among others.❂

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◢The general UI of official WhatsApp is very irritating with green and white contrast, and you cannot customize it. The only thing you can customize in WhatsApp is the chat wallpaper. But GBWhatsApp Latest Version APK Download can offer you a wide range of wallpapers already with a variety of themes. You can set the main interface to your liking. This gives the user a lot of choice and makes you feel freer.↫

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ⒶThis Latest Version of GBWhatsApp APK solves your problem. In the current version, themes can not only be saved automatically, but can also be synchronised and transferred to another device, simply by creating a theme.zip file, which is convenient and easy. And this is convenient, and not only saves you time, but also maintains your personal aesthetic about the software.♁

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ⓩThe traditional WhatsApp app just offers users simple, generic emojis. What's worse is that the official WhatsApp hasn't updated the emoji list for a long time. This is unfriendly to users who like to be constantly updated with different emoji styles. This article will provide the best solution for users who need different emojis, using GB WhatsApp—a premium modified version of WhatsApp that allows users to use a wide variety of emojis.⇎

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